2021 in Movies: The Good, the Bad, and the Incredibly Weird

Minimum spoilers for everything I’m about to talk about.

I watched a lot of movies that came out this year. 48, to be exact. My intention is to write about 42 of those movies without going insane. Rather, without going more insane. In the interest of brevity, and me not wanting to waste your time, I will try my best to keep all reviews as brief as possible. Also if I talk too much I might spoil things and this is meant to just be a recommendation thing. So let’s do this. I’m going to tell you which 2021 movies you have to watch, which movies nobody should ever look at ever, and why Space Jam: A New Legacy fits into both categories simultaneously. I may or may not survive this, and if anyone wants to hold an intervention to make me watch less movies, please feel free.

Best and Worst Live-Action Kids Movies
Live-Action Kids movies are usually the worst, but this year… they were still pretty bad. I realize Space Jam: A New Legacy probably fits this category as well, but I worry that I may implode if I continue to talk about that movie. So let’s just say it transcends the genre and move on.

The Worst: Home Sweet Home Alone – I’m saving this one for another category, but I want to be clear it’s the worst as much as humanly possible.

The Princess Switch 3 – Every one of these movies are terrible. I only watched this and the sequel to justify watching the first. This is probably the best of the three because it spends the least time with the horrible main characters, but it’s still awful. Don’t watch this unless you hate yourself.

Tom and Jerry – I’m including this because it’s only half an animated movie. This isn’t even really a Tom and Jerry movie. It’s about Chloe Grace Moretz feuding with Michael Peña in a hotel. It’s not bad enough for me to say it’s the worst, but it’s not great either. Props to Michael Peña and Rob Delaney for saving this movie. I wouldn’t recommend this, but I can’t stop you if you want to watch it.

8-Bit Christmas – This is one of those movies that doesn’t really seem to know what it is. It’s part A Christmas Story homage and part Diary of a Wimpy Kid, with a little bit of How I Met Your Mother sprinkled in. It’s fine, and there are some great jokes in it, but the trailers had me convinced there would be a bit of heightened Scott Pilgrim-esque action, and so I was a little let down by the result. Watch it if you want.

The Best: Clifford the Big Red Dog – I really don’t know what happened here. I don’t know if I’m insane or the whole world is. But this movie is great. The jokes are great, Jack Whitehall and John Cleese are in fine comedic form. I didn’t hate Kenan Thompson for the five minutes he was in this. Tony Hale was good too. The references to the books and TV show are done with love and care and the dog doesn’t even look that bad. I didn’t even hate the clichéd kids movie plot points. Everybody should watch this. It’s literally one of the best movies that came out this year.

Best and Worst Animated Movies
Animation is always a mixed bag. But none of the animated movies I watched this year were terrible.

The Worst: Raya and the Last Dragon – I have nothing against this movie. I think it’s fine. But it’s kind of boring? It’s fine, from memory. It’s been a while since I saw it but it definitely isn’t as good as the other movies on this list. But I’m damning it with faint praise. Watch it if you want to.

Encanto – When I first saw the trailers for this, I wasn’t super interested. But then I heard that the movie takes place mainly in the house and the village, so I was intrigued. Because there’s a lot of fantastical elements to the trailer. I thought this was really good. The animation style is cool, the characters are great, and there are a lot of really funny jokes. There’s a scene where a bunch of donkeys are dancing in a circle, and that’s always fun. I have a lot of thoughts about the music as well, but I’ll talk about that later. I really hated the Grandma, which I guess was kind of the point, and I thought John Leguizamo’s performance as Bruno was so funny. He’s definitely a standout for me. There’s also a funny little kid that’s obsessed with coffee and constantly jittery. This movie is great and you should totally watch it. It’s only ranked below Luca because the themes of the movie got a little too real for me, and Luca is a bit more breezy and fun.

Luca – If I hadn’t heard about the next movie, this definitely would have been number one. The characters are sweet and funny, the animation is really pretty, and the jokes are hilarious. I know a lot of people gave this a bad review because it’s not as complex as other Pixar movies. But how can you not love a story about two sea monsters competing in a swimming, biking, and pasta-eating contest so they can win a vespa? Such a fun movie. Everyone should watch this.

The Best: The Mitchells vs the Machines – This movie is so damn good. It’s incredibly funny and sweet. The animation is fantastic and the jokes are so good. There’s a joke about a Furby that kind of came out of nowhere that was really good. Maya Rudolph plays the mom and like rips a bunch of robots apart at one point because she wants her son to be okay. It’s just a great movie. And it made me cry at the end because they played the same music from the end of We Bought A Zoo, which also made me cry. So yeah. Everyone has to watch this movie right away. It’s almost as good as Spider-Man Into the Spider-Verse, which is insane, because they’re both made by Sony, who are famously incompetent when it comes to their movies.

Best and Worst Musicals
I love a good musical. But also I’m really picky when it comes to which songs I like and don’t like? As long as it isn’t super theatre-y, I usually enjoy it. I know from experience that Theatre people are high maintenance and so are musicals.

The Worst: Annette – I’m sure this movie isn’t as horrible as I think it is. But I hated it. It’s written by Sparks, two musicians who I fell in love with after watching the documentary about them that Edgar Wright made. They’ve been trying to get a movie made for forever. But after this I don’t know that they can do both. This has gotten great reviews, but I can’t reciprocate. It’s a musical about a stand-up comedian and a singer who end up in a relationship and have a child. Eventually the stand-up kills the singer and uses his child’s amazing singing voice to make money. The child is represented by a creepy wooden puppet that makes me insanely uncomfortable. And the movie is just long and not fun to watch. Not my thing. But if it’s yours, go ahead.

tick, tick… BOOM! – I thought this movie was fantastic. It’s obviously quite depressing because of the subject matter. For those of you who don’t know, it’s a musical about Jonathon Larson’s(The man who wrote Rent) failed first attempt to write a musical. This musical was also written by Larson, and after this he wrote Rent. This adaptation goes a bit beyond the original source material, with some Sondheim songs added in(He was Larson’s hero and occasional collaborator), and a new conclusion added to honor Larson. Larson died unexpectedly the day that Rent debuted, and never lived to see the incredible success it achieved. And this adaptation, while sad, is great. Lin Manuel Miranda did a great job with his directorial debut, and Andrew Garfield… Damn. He did such a good job. I love Andrew Garfield so much. This movie is great but you might need to be in the right headspace to watch it.

In The Heights – Three of the four musicals I watched this year had something to do with Lin Manuel Miranda, which I think is funny. He directed tick, tick… BOOM!, he wrote this musical before he wrote Hamilton, and he wrote the songs for Encanto. And he played a singing monkey in some other musical that came out this year that I don’t really want to see. But this movie is really fun. They really went all out with some of the choreography, making sure that the cinematography enhanced both the story and the movement of the dancers. It was really a wonder to watch. My main complaint that I could also say for most of the movies that came out this year is that it’s a bit overlong. But the music is great, the characters are really interesting, and it’s just fun to watch. If you’re my friend Ellie, you’ve already watched this movie 17 times, but if you’re not, check it out.

Encanto – I don’t love all of the songs in this. Some of them can be a bit too cheery for my liking. But I really like the one about Bruno and the one Miracle sings before the house starts to break. The theme of being under pressure also hits home for me. I like this one just as much as In the Heights, but this one is shorter and has better jokes. So it wins.

The Best: Sing 2 – Sorry, Encanto isn’t the best one. I forgot about Sing 2, which is obviously the best musical. I haven’t seen it, but Bono voices a lion and for some reason all the trailers play a cover of I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. Even though that’s Bono’s song? So it’s the best movie. Sorry not sorry.

Best and Worst Documentaries
I enjoy documentaries, but I don’t appreciate how manipulative they are. Every time I watch one I always feel super convinced about the point the documentary is making. Like unquestionably on the side of whatever they’re saying. Which I feel is dangerous.

The Worst: The Sparks Brothers – As I said before, I had no idea who Sparks was, but I love Edgar Wright, so I watched this. And it’s a really fun documentary about a great and incredibly influential band. You probably haven’t heard their music, so go listen to it! It’s wacky and great.

The Best: The Sparks Brothers – To be clear, this is both the best and worst documentary I’ve watched this year because it’s the only one I watched. So yeah.

Best and Worst Dramas
I use the term “Drama” loosely because I couldn’t really think of another category for the movies I’m about to talk about. I guess three of these could be called “Crime Dramas”, but then the other two are left with no category.

The Worst: No Sudden Move and Cherry – Neither of these movies are that bad, but they’re both kind of boring and depressing and I couldn’t really think of something that I made me enjoy one more than the other. Cherry is about Tom Holland doing drugs and then going to war and then coming back and being depressed and doing more drugs and then robbing banks so he can pay for drugs for him and his soulmate. And the Russo brothers directed it. There’s some interesting camera work and lighting stuff in this as well. And No Sudden Move is about Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro doing crime stuff and forcing David Harbour to help them with crime stuff and Jon Hamm and Matt Damon are in it too and it’s fine. It’s easily the least fun Steven Soderbergh movie I’ve seen, but it’s still pretty good? I wouldn’t personally recommend either of these, but that’s just because they’re both pretty harrowing.

Our Friend – This is the one with no crime stuff in it. It doesn’t win because it’s sad. It’s based on an article this guy wrote about when his wife got sick with cancer and their best friend left his job and girlfriend and moved in to help out. I read the article, which is very depressing for obvious reasons, but also includes some very graphic descriptions of what cancer does to the body. The movie is good and there are some really sweet and funny moments between Jason Segel(The titular friend) and the daughters of the journalist and his wife. Casey Affleck and Dakota Johnson play the journalist and the wife, and all three actors are very good in this. It’s a good, heartwarming, sad movie.

Being the Ricardos – This is about a hard week in the lives of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz while filming a difficult episode of I Love Lucy. I don’t have much to say about this movie. It’s well-acted, it has a great cast, and the dialogue is great. Which isn’t surprising. My dad loves Aaron Sorkin and his dialogue, particularly in The West Wing. So we were both excited to watch this. And it’s good. Nicole Kidman, Javier Bardem, and JK Simmons are particularly good. People should watch it.

The Best: I Care A Lot – This is a very darkly funny and intense movie about horrible, horrible people doing horrible things to each other. There isn’t a single character in this that you can root for. It’s about a woman who finds rich old people and convinces the court, with the help of some morally corrupt doctors, to deem them unfit to live on their own. She then takes custody of these people, cuts all contact with their family members, and bleeds them dry of all their financial assets. Rosamund Pike plays this character, Marla, to perfection. You know she’s evil, but she’s so damn charming. Peter Dinklage also puts in a phenomenal performance as an eccentric Russian mobster, whose mother Marla makes the mistake of acquiring custody of. And everything just escalates as the movie goes, leading to a surprising but satisfying ending. I loved this movie. Definitely go check it out on Netflix.

Best and Worst Comedies
I’m lumping romantic comedies and regular comedies in with each other, because who cares. I am a little disappointed, because I think some of the animated movies and superhero movies were funnier than pretty much all of these. For me, at least.

The Worst: Here Today – I love Billy Crystal, and I enjoy the work of Tiffany Haddish. This movie, however, is just depressing with a few good jokes. Not because Billy Crystal’s character lost his wife many years ago and his kids hate him and he has Alzheimer’s now. It’s depressing because there are some really weird choices in terms of cinematography that don’t work at all. There are multiple flashbacks of Billy Crystal talking to his late wife, but instead of casting someone to play the young version, they shoot all the scenes from his point of view. So we get to hear a 73 year old man fall in love and have children with a woman in her late twenties. And his voice hasn’t changed much, but you know he’s old but meant to be young, so it’s kind of creepy. It’s just not very touching or funny, and the best scene in the movie is when Billy Crystal, who plays a comedy writer in this, rants at a guy who works on his show that’s basically SNL about his weird choice of inflection while the show is airing live. And that scene is pretty funny, but I’m sure it was improv mostly. Don’t watch this, nobody else did.

Moxie! – This is the second movie that Amy Poehler directed. I didn’t see the first one, Wine Country, but this one has gotten much more positive reviews. And it’s pretty fun. It’s about a somewhat quiet girl who decides to speak out against the way the girls at her school are treated by dickish guys. She puts these flyers all around the school and accidentally kickstarts a revolution. Amy Poehler plays the mom, and she’s always great. One of the dumb guys from Booksmart is in this, and he’s also fun to watch. I liked the movie and the message it was telling, but the best part of this for me was when I spotted some of the reoccurring townspeople from Parks and Rec playing small roles in this. Watch this if you’re craving a high school movie.

Love Hard – This movie was so disappointing. I only watched it because I thought it was going to be horrible, but it was surprisingly fun. Which must be the appeal, because everyone I know who watched this said basically the same thing. It’s a Christmas-based romcom about a woman who finds the perfect guy on a dating app and flies out to surprise him for the holidays only to find that she’s been catfished by Jimmy O Yang. Not playing himself, obviously. And they agree that if she pretends to be his girlfriend around his parents, he’ll help her hook up with the guy in the pictures. And it’s fun. There’s a less horrific rendition of Baby, It’s Cold Outside, an ongoing joke about whether Die Hard or Love, Actually is the best Christmas movie(See title of film), and some fun jokes. And the hot guy from Never Have I Ever is in it. Don’t watch it if you want to see an atrocious Christmas romcom. You’ll be so disappointed.

Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar – This movie is ridiculous. It’s written by and stars Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo, who also cowrote Bridesmaids. And this movie is like Bridesmaids cranked to 11. It’s a fun and nonsensical movie about two middle-aged women who go on vacation to a resort and accidentally help stop a maniacal super-villain’s plot to kill everyone at the resort. Damon Wayans jr. and Jamie Dornan are also in it and I don’t really need to talk that much about it. Nothing in this movie makes sense or has any real consequence and it’s just funny and weird. Watch it if that’s your kind of thing, I guess.

Don’t Look Up – I didn’t love the Anchorman movies, which were also directed by Adam McKay who made this. I really enjoyed this though. It just came out, so I’ll try not to spoil much, but it’s very darkly funny and depressing. Because it’s about the crappy people that live on this earth reacting to a comet that’s going to kill everyone the same way some people decided to react to climate change and COVID. And because of that, I’m not sure I’ll watch this again. It’s just way too realistic for my liking. Everyone is really good in this. Meryl Streep and Jonah Hill do a great job making me hate them. And this movie is probably the first time I’ve enjoyed watching Mark Rylance in something. There’s a surprise cameo from an actor that I love, which is also the second time he’s done a weird cameo this year? Love that guy. And there’s a funny ongoing joke about a general that charges Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Rob Morgan ten bucks a piece for free White House snacks. It’s a really well-made, good all-star comedy, but it just feels way too realistic. I’d definitely recommend you watch it though.

Ride the EagleRide the Eagle is an indy comedy starring Jake Johnson, Susan Sarandon, JK Simmons, and D’Arcy Garden from The Good Place. An insane cast. It’s about a wannabe professional bongo drummer whose estranged mother passes suddenly, leaving a conditional will in her place. She wants to leave him her cabin, but only if he does a list of tasks for her and finally learns the things she should have taught him years ago. It’s a pretty funny and emotional movie and I liked it. Watch it!

The Best: We Broke Up – This movie got really bad reviews, but I really enjoyed it. I think it got panned because the ending is a bit more realistic than your typical Hollywood romcom, and therefore less than satisfying. It stars Aya Cash and the brilliant William Jackson Harper(Chidi from The Good Place), and it’s about a long-term couple who have to go to a wedding while pretending that they didn’t break up. I’m not going to say much more because I think people should watch this. It’s really funny and nowhere near as bad as people say. Definitely check this one out.

Best and Worst Sci-Fi
Some of the other movies on this list could definitely fit in this category, but who cares? I only get pedantic about small details in Spider-Man movies, not end of year movie review categories. Also nobody reading this needs me to explain what science fiction is, so I won’t.

The Worst: Godzilla vs Kong – I’m gonna catch hell for this, but I couldn’t care less about this movie. It was boring and none of the characters were interesting or necessary. The fights were fun to watch, and I’ve always liked King Kong, but I didn’t like this. There’s a bit in the middle of the movie where Godzilla is smashing up Hong Kong, and Kong was all the way in Antarctica. And I knew from the trailers that Kong was going to end up in Hong Kong, and I thought, oh, how is Kong going to get there? And then Kong went to the center of the Earth and jumped from a hole in the center of the Earth to Hong Kong. Because that’s something that makes sense. I did enjoy the trailer though. There’s a scene in the first trailer where Kong is on a giant battleship and sinister music starts playing. And suddenly these spines that look like Godzilla’s spines pop up in the water. And I thought, “Who could that be?” And the spines float over to Kong, who gets all scared and rears up before a giant Godzilla-looking lizard pops out of the water. And I thought “WHO IS THAT?!?!” And then there’s a shot of Rebecca Hall saying “It’s Godzilla.” And I said “Ooooooohhh, that’s so wild! I didn’t know Godzilla would be in this movie! Thank you for stating the obvious, Rebecca Hall!” Watch it if you want, I don’t care.

Dune – I don’t have much to say. The effects are good, the cast is great, everything in this movie is well-done. But it’s boring. I’m really not the target audience for grand space epics. I did like the bit where the fat Stellan Skarsgård monster floats up to the ceiling to avoid getting killed by Oscar Isaac’s gassy tooth. He looked like a big caterpillar in a ceiling cocoon, and it inspired me to write my upcoming picture book, The Very Hungry Skarsgård. I liked that Josh Brolin decided to play against type in his new role as crabby and grizzled older soldier guy. And I really liked watching Jason “The Beach Bro” Momoa just play himself. So yeah. I thought it was good enough, and I’ll probably watch the sequel.

Finch – It’s just a movie about Tom Hanks going on a road trip with his dog and a robot during the solar apocalypse. There’s really not much to it. It’s a good movie and I liked it. If you have Apple TV+ you should check it out. Tom Hanks is incapable of being a bad actor. Although I do think this movie would be infinitely better if it was a Turner & Hooch sequel.

The Best: The Matrix Resurrections – This movie probably wasn’t that good, but I don’t care. I’ve only seen this and the original Matrix, so some aspects of this were confusing to me, but I wasn’t lost. The action wasn’t great and there was one casting decision that didn’t really work, but I enjoyed a lot of the concepts and just had fun with it in general. And Neil Patrick Harris is in it, which is always a plus. Why that man isn’t in literally every movie and TV show is something I will never understand. If this is the kind of thing that you enjoy then you should check it out. It’s made like no money so far.

Best and Worst Action Movies
“Action” is a bit of a blanket term, yes, but who cares at this point?

The Worst: Army of the Dead – Somehow Zack Snyder managed to release a better version of a bad superhero movie and a boring zombie movie in one year. I really enjoyed the concept of this: A Vegas casino heist in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. But there’s not enough surreal zombie Vegas stuff, and the heist isn’t that good. But it’s fine, and I don’t care. Watch it if you want to, or don’t. Moving on.

Gunpowder Milkshake – It’s a serviceable Netflix action movie starring Karen Gillan, Paul Giamatti, and a bunch of other kick ass women. It’s fine, from memory. It’s good to have on in the background while you do other things.

Red Notice – This movie is fine. Yes, it’s a generic the Rock/Ryan Reynolds action movie. Yes, they should have given Gal Gadot more to do. Yes, I’m pissed that I didn’t figure out the obvious twist. But I wasn’t paying a lot of attention. And again, it’s fine. Watch it if you want to see a movie where Ryan Reynolds basically just plays Deadpool, the Rock basically just plays the Rock, and Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman. But, you know. More mischievous.

Jungle Cruise – I wasn’t super excited for this because it just seemed like a less fun Pirates of the Caribbean movie. But I thought it was a pretty fun movie. Mostly because of Jack Whitehall, who again was fantastic and incredibly funny in this. Also Jesse Plemons is really great as an eccentric villain type. And Paul Giamatti is in this, like everything else. Watch it if you want something on in the background.

Free Guy – I was super excited to see this movie because the trailers were so damn good. And the movie itself is also pretty good. Ryan Reynolds is charming as always, as is Joe Keery, Taika Waititi, and Jodie Comer. There are some aspects I find incredibly annoying. Channing Tatum cameos as an incredibly creepy and uncomfortably sexual gamer avatar. There is an incredibly surprising and funny cameo that I will not spoil, but it’s the same guy I mentioned earlier. Watch it! It’s fun!

No Time To Die – This movie is surprisingly great! I expected so little from this, but I thought it was really really good. Daniel Craig put in an incredible and very charismatic performance. Ana De Armas showed up for a small and very charismatic cameo. The action is great and visceral, the movie is beautifully shot, and the story is good. My favorite character by far, though, is the Russian scientist. Funniest character. Watch this movie now!!!

The Best: The Harder They Fall – It’s not even close. This is by far the best action movie that I saw this year. It’s so goddamn fantastic. I’ll talk about it a little more later too, but the action in this is so visceral and hardcore. The characters are so fun and enjoyable. The soundtrack is fantastic, and there are some amazing jokes that just made me laugh out loud. It’s also cast phenomenally well. Jonathon Majors plays the lead character with such charisma and style. God, I just love this movie so much. Everybody should watch this movie. I don’t even like Westerns usually. But I loved this. It’s probably one of my favorite movies. Watch it watch it watch it watch it!!!

Best and Worst Weird Franchise Revamp Attempts
These are examples of Hollywood mining somewhat beloved and financially viable properties for the last remaining vestiges of cash that can be found. Because money is king.

The Worst: Home Sweet Home Alone – This is a horrible, horrible movie. The cast is fantastic. It’s full of A-list comedian after A-list comedian. The cast includes Ellie Kemper, Rob Delaney, Aisling Bea, Timothy Simons from Veep, Pete Holmes, Chris Parnell, Andy Daly, and Jim Rash. All of these actors are either wasted or used badly. And the main kid is obviously a brat, and despite being played by the funny friend from JoJo Rabbit, isn’t endearing or fun to watch. The only somewhat enjoyable aspect of this horrible movie is… No, there’s nothing enjoyable. I was trying to look on the bright side. This movie sucks. Nobody should watch it.

Ghostbusters Afterlife – I’ve written about this movie twice before now. I don’t care for it, but Paul Rudd is in it. I’m not gonna write about it a third time. Watch it if you want.

The Best: Space Jam: A New Legacy – I love and hate this movie. I’m aware that I’ve said a lot about it already. Don Cheadle is good, pretty much everything else is bad. I hate it so much, but I have so much fun with it. Everybody should watch this movie all the time.

Great Movies That Didn’t Fit Into Any Other Category
Maybe these do fit into other categories. But it’s easier to do this and call it a day.

The Best: Cruella – I expected very little from this movie, but I thought it was just terrific. Mostly because they really didn’t need to try as hard as they did. The costumers didn’t have to make all the outfits so goddamn spectacular, but they did. The writers didn’t have to make such a clever, emotional, and hilarious script. But they did. Emma Stone and Emma Thompson didn’t have to give such incredible and fascinatingly captivating performances. But they both really just gave it their all. I’m sure if you haven’t seen it it’s because you thought it looked dumb or you saw the bit with the murderous Dalmatians, but you should watch it anyway. It’s fantastic.

The Best: Last Night in SoHo – Every Edgar Wright movie is great in some way, and this is no different. It’s sort of a horror movie that tells you to be careful with nostalgia. The effects are mostly practical, and the whole movie is meant to be an homage to low-budget horror movies. Most Edgar Wright movies are homages to something. My only real complaint is that Matt Smith isn’t in it enough. I won’t say anything more because everybody should watch this!

The Best: The French Dispatch – When I was seven years old I saw Fantastic Mr. Fox and it made a huge impression on me. I’ve seen it hundreds of times since, and a year ago I went and watched all the other movies that the director, Wes Anderson, made. This was an attempt to distract me from studying for finals. It worked. I don’t love every one of his films, but each one of them is just beautiful and intricate and well-acted and fun to look at. This is no exception. The French Dispatch is a collection of three short films that, when strung together, serve as a love letter to The New Yorker. Each segment is presented as a story for the last edition of the magazine, and the movie itself is structured as a magazine. At the beginning there’s a bit of background on how the magazine got started. Then Owen Wilson takes us through life in the town of Ennui-sur-Blasé, France. Then they show the three main “stories” and at the end there’s obituaries. And like always, the cast is stuffed with famous and incredibly endearing performers who want to be part of the intricate world of Wes Anderson. What I love about him as a film maker is that every film informs the next. Each new movie comes with some new style of camera work or lighting that then makes it’s way into the next film. You can see some lighting techniques in this that he started using back when he was making Fantastic Mr. Fox. My favorite part of the movie was the story about Jeffrey Wright and the chef of police, which is just an incredible idea as well. There’s a hilarious and beautiful 2D animated sequence in that part too. This is way longer than I wanted it to be. See this movie!!! And go see the next one, Asteroid City, I think that’s coming out in a year or two.

My Least Favorite Movie of the Year: Home Sweet Home Alone – None of you are surprised by this. I binge-watched all of Community for the first time this year, and it is a literal crime to put Jim Rash in your movie and only use him in one scene. Shame on the people who made this movie.

My Favorite Movie of the Year: The Harder They Fall – I loved this movie so so so so so so much and I really hope that there are more movies like this with this incredible cast in the future. I didn’t think that I would love this movie so much but I really really really did. It’s not for everyone, but it definitely is for me.

If anybody actually read this, I thank you. I know this is insane, and I promise no post will be like this again. But when you spend a year wasting your time watching a shit ton of TV shows and 48 movies, you kind of need it to be worth it. This is my way of making it worth it. If you did read this and you’re not dead from how nerdy, depressing, and repetitive this is, then come back tomorrow for my New Year’s post. Yes, I’m doing that to myself. Enjoy.

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