It’s 2022 Now! Yay…

For the sake of tradition, I will now write a list of things that I will not end up doing in the coming year, so I can look back at this and get super depressed 364 days from now. Let’s do it!

  1. Be funnier.
  2. Go on more adventures.
  3. Figure out how to make the stubble on your face grow slower so you don’t have to shave every day.
  4. Avoid the incredibly depressing fact that you’re going to turn twenty this year.
  5. Hang out with less fictional characters.
  6. Wake up in time to see the sun set at least once a week.
  7. Reorganize your comic books autobiographically.
  8. Finally figure out why everybody loves cream cheese frosting.
  9. Talk about Jared Leto less.
  10. Avoid your feelings more.
  11. Wear more flannels.
  12. Figure out how to feel colder in Duluth.
  13. Do something with one of the seven book ideas you have.
  14. Build a mute button for whiny dogs and annoying, drunk college students.
  15. Read more and talk less.
  16. Find a pair of jorts that just scream “You.”
  17. Work on your anxiety.
  18. Was that too personal? I’m worried that that was too personal.
  19. Stop spending your weekends competing in intense and deadly boxing tournaments.
  20. Learn how to figure skate.

So that’s my plan for this year! And my word for 2022 is:

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