John’s Review of Taika Waititi’s Potentially Nonsensical Thor 4

Despite working at a summer camp with limited access to the internet, I yet again managed to spoil the ending of this movie for myself. But some people are smart and don’t do that. So, as always, I will clearly mark when I start spoiling the movie.

Thor: Love and Thunder stars Christopher Hemsworth, Natalie Portman, Tessa Thompson, Christian Bale, Taika Waititi, Russell Crowe, Jaimie Alexander, Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Karen Gillan, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel(Family), Pom Klementieff, and Sean Gunn. It was directed by the great Taika Waititi, who has made classics like Boy, What We Do In The Shadows(Movie and TV Show), Hunt For The Wilderpeople, JoJo Rabbit, and Thor: Ragnarok. He also directed a few episodes of Flight of the Conchords, the TV show about one of the greatest music duos of all time. I love Taika Waititi and everything he does. Rather, I love everything that he directs and is creatively involved in. He acted in both Green Lantern and Lightyear, two boring and disappointing movies that I’m not going to sing the praises of. But I was very excited to see this.

General Non-Spoilery Thoughts –
I liked this movie and I thought it was really funny in parts. A lot of angry people on the internet disagree and you may not like this movie. If you have yet to see this movie but you’re going to and you’re expecting to see another Thor: Ragnarok, be aware that this isn’t that. It’s a weird and nonsensical mash of about nine different things. I loved Thor: Ragnarok, and this one definitely isn’t as good. There are a lot of jokes that didn’t land, many characters who shouldn’t be in this, and the villain doesn’t get enough screen time. The plot is also convoluted and relies on a bunch of key objects whose purposes are never truly explained. But for some reason I didn’t care and I was on board. It is a little weird that I liked this even though I didn’t really like Spider-Man: No Way Home and literally everything I just said applies to that, too. Maybe it’s because this one doesn’t take itself seriously or even try to pretend that anything going on in the movie makes any kind of sense. And the performances were all pretty solid. Christian Bale is an excellent menacing villain and I would have loved to see more of him. Chris Hemsworth continues to nail it as Thor. Tessa Thompson is incredible in this and Natalie Portman put in her best performance as Jane Foster yet. Also it’s kind of fun to look at in general. Not all of the effects look good, but I’m happy to watch a colorful Marvel movie instead of another bland-looking one. I don’t know. I just liked it. If you’re thinking of seeing it then you should. Don’t blame me if you don’t like it though. Before I go into spoilers I’ll talk about the main characters and performances, the soundtrack, the cinematography, and a quick spoiler-free breakdown of the plot. And I’m gonna do the plot thing last, because nobody else does it and I’m gonna revolutionize review-writing.

Characters –
Thor AKA Thor Odinson – Chris Hemsworth
I’ve never been the biggest fan of Thor. I’ve read some good Thor comics over the years, and up until 2017, I thought his movies were fine. But between Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame, Thor quickly became one of my favorites. Chris Hemsworth really killed it in those three movies, showing the trauma of a man who had one purpose for hundreds of thousands of years and has now lost everyone and everything he loves and has no idea what to do with his life. I know a lot of people hate that he got fat in Endgame and think they just did it to tell jokes. And there are a few too many jokes, for sure. But he’s no less capable, even with the extra weight added on. It’s just meant to represent the extreme guilt and depression he’s been saddled with. He’s a broken man. That arc of him trying to find himself continues in this, but I feel that the end of that storyline where he does find his purpose could’ve been handled slightly better. The trailer had made it seem like he was done fighting and was going on some sort of spiritual journey that gets interrupted when he finds out that Gorr has been killing Gods. That isn’t what happened. A lot of stuff from the trailer didn’t make it into this, and I wish they would stop doing that. But overall Chris Hemsworth continues to be great in this role and I hope they do another Thor movie.

The Mighty Thor AKA Jane Foster – Natalie Portman
I’m not a huge Natalie Portman fan. I’m sure she’s fine as a person, but I’ve never especially loved her in anything. She’s pretty good in Garden State, even though her character is annoying and exists only to blindly love Zach Braff. But that’s his fault for writing that character badly. All that being said, she is good in this. When Jane Foster became Thor in the comics, there was an interesting twist to what happened whenever she became Thor. They did that in this as well. I’m not entirely sure if they did a great job adapting that twist, but it’s kind of an integral part of her being Thor in the comics. I didn’t read all of that run, but I remember what I read of it being good. I’ll get into the twist I’m referring to and all the other influences this takes from the comics in spoilers. And they did a pretty great job of adapting her costume to the screen, so I would be excited to see her again. A lot of this movie is about her and Thor reconciling their love for one another, and they both have enough chemistry that that plays off pretty well. Oh, and she wields Mjolnir in this, which was broken in Ragnarok, so now it kind of breaks apart and hits people with it’s shards. I thought that was interesting visually. She’s good in this though.

Valkyrie – Tessa Thompson
Tessa Thompson isn’t British, apparently. She’s American. That’s really surprising, because she does a great British accent. She’s a very funny actress and Valkyrie is a very cool character. She isn’t in this as much as she should be, though. And speaking as I did above about things that were cut out of the movie, she was supposed to go looking for a Queen to rule New Asgard with, but that didn’t happen. But they said that three years ago when this movie was announced, and things change. She mostly has to deal with admin stuff as King and shoots commercials and all that. I’ll talk a bit more about New Asgard later before I get into spoilers, because I think what they end up doing with it is actually really interesting. But yeah, Tessa Thompson is incredibly charming. There’s a bit where she literally spends about eight seconds bopping her head to a song and it was one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Korg – Taika Waititi
I like Taika Waititi a lot, but Korg should not have been in this movie as much as he was. He was funny for the most part in Ragnarok, but I don’t think I laughed at any of his jokes in this? There’s one scene where it looks like Korg is going to die, but he doesn’t. I kind of wish he had died, because Korg is a fun character for the most part, and his death would have been super emotional. I get the feeling that may have been a studio interference thing. Like “Korg gets laughs, don’t kill him off.” He’s always giving himself fun characters to play in his movies, but he never seems to prioritize screen time for his characters. He’s probably in one scene of Hunt For The Wilderpeople, and he’s in probably half of JoJo Rabbit. He isn’t even in Ragnarok that much. So I was surprised by the death fake out. It’s still fun to watch that character. He looks great, too.

The God Butcher AKA Gorr – Christian Bale
It’s surprising nobody scooped Bale up to play a big villain in something like this before. He’s just naturally a very menacing person. Again, he should be in this more. He probably only has two or three big scenes, and his ending didn’t work for me at all. He is a really interesting villain who has a super compelling origin in the comics, and I didn’t especially care for the way they went about adapting that. In the comics he had a black sword that was also part symbiote, so it was related to Venom and all that. Marvel don’t do Venom movies though, so instead his sword casts shadows and allows he who holds it to travel through shadows and project monsters out of the shadows. And I thought that was super interesting, but the effect wasn’t the best. Christian Bale is great though. He would’ve been a great Batman villain. He wasn’t a terrible Batman, but he was always better at doing the Bruce Wayne stuff than the Batman stuff.

Zeus – Russell Crowe
I haven’t seen the movie Gladiator, but it’s kind of weird to think that Russell Crowe was the super-jacked and serious main guy in that 22 years ago and now he’s got long hair and a ridiculous beard and he’s just waddling around in a ridiculous mini-skirt and doing a vague Greek accent. I mean, good for him. The point of his character in this is to be ridiculous, and he definitely did that. You see this in the trailers, at one point Thor, Thor, Valkyrie and Korg go to Omnipotent City, a sort of VIP club for Gods. And when they get there they meet Zeus, who kind of reigns over them all as the supreme God. There’s not much else to say outside of spoilers, but he’s not dissimilar from Jeff Goldblum’s character in the last one, in terms of putting in a wacky and out of nowhere performance from a famous actor. The main difference of course is that Russell Crowe went way out there and acted like an insane man and Jeff Goldblum just played himself.

Star-Lord AKA Peter Quill – Chris Pratt
I don’t like Chris Pratt at all. Not sure if I’ve made that clear. There have been a lot of rumors about him doing bad stuff and just being a dick in general. I’m not gonna take the rumors on face value or jump to conclusions. I also get a really bad vibe from the guy. You know when you just don’t like a person and you don’t really know why? That’s how I feel about him. Also he seems like an arrogant prick. I haven’t liked Star-Lord since the first Guardians movie, either. The best episode of What If…? is the one where they basically say that everything would be better if Star-Lord never went into space. I usually will acknowledge that Chris Pratt is an okay actor most of the time. But he’s terrible in this. He gives a stupid speech to Thor that doesn’t sound convincing, and it feels like every line that Thor and Star-Lord are saying to each other have been cut together from multiple different takes and scenes, none of which are good or funny. Hopefully after he plays Mario and Garfield Hollywood will realize that people don’t like Chris Pratt. I went on Prime Video the other day and there was an ad that said “WATCH THE #1 SHOW ON PRIME VIDEO: THE TERMINAL LIST STARRING CHRIS PRATT!” Because I’m going to believe that a shitty-looking TV show off one of those spy thrillers you can find at the airport is currently the most successful show on Prime Video? Because why would it be The Boys, the fantastic and incredibly beloved and globally watched superhero show that put out it’s season finale the day I looked at that ad? Anyway, Chris Pratt sucks and he wasn’t good in this. But I suspect he had a bunch of other scenes that were cut.

The Rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy – Various actors that are better than Chris Pratt(And also Vin Diesel)
So I made fun of Chris Pratt for a while. Most of the other Guardians are okay in general. But they’re all in this movie for five minutes and they do absolutely nothing. I think they each get maybe one line, except for Dave Bautista. I don’t think Dave Bautista says anything. And the worst part is that none of them really do anything action-wise either. Thor comes in and basically single-handedly takes down every alien that they’re fighting, and then talks about what a great team they all are. Which I guess was meant to be a joke? And it makes sense for them to be in this because he joined the team at the end of Endgame, but I wish they had done something better with them. I don’t know. Also Vin Diesel is super lame and I don’t like him or his movies. Every other Guardians member is fine.

The Two Screaming Goats AKA Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder – A Meme
There are two screaming goats in this movie. They were going to be regular goats but then someone doing special effects put the screaming goats from that edit of the Taylor Swift song Trouble in there. They just scream really loudly throughout the movie. It’s a pretty funny joke.

Soundtrack –
I was gonna talk about the score but I didn’t have a ton of thoughts. I did want to mention that this soundtrack has four different Guns N’ Roses songs that play throughout the movie. I knew that Sweet Child O’ Mine would be in this because it was in every trailer, but I didn’t expect three more of their songs. One of the Asgardian characters even has a poster on their wall and points out that they’ve changed their name to Axl in honor of his favorite band. Then Korg yells “GNR!” I don’t know what the significance of it was. It would have been less distracting if they hadn’t drawn attention to it. And it’s not like they’re bad songs. I was just surprised.

Cinematography –
The cinematographer in this is named Barry Baz Idoine. He previously worked as a cinematographer on several episodes of The Mandalorian, which makes a lot of sense, because The Mandalorian and Thor: Love and Thunder were both shot on the volume, which is made up of a room of LCD screens that they use to project environments. A lot of people have criticized the look of this movie, but I didn’t really notice anything egregiously bad. It all looked pretty good to me. There are some great shots in this, but I’d imagine that about 99% of the movie is CGI.

The Plot –
Thor has to team up with Valkyrie, Korg, and his ex-girlfriend Jane(Who has picked up Thor’s old hammer and become a Thor herself.) to stop Gorr the God Butcher from killing more Gods, even though most of the Gods in this movie are awful people.

Time to go away if you haven’t seen the movie.

Cuz I’m about to spoil it all.

But because I’m a nice guy I’ll wait until you leave.

And while I wait I’ll list all the Wes Anderson movies in chronological order.

Bottle Rocket
The Royal Tenenbaums
The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou
The Darjeeling Limited
Fantastic Mr. Fox
Moonrise Kingdom
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Isle of Dogs
The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun

Alright, you guys gone?

Good. Spoiler time!

Thor: Love and Thunder Spoiler Review
Okay, spoilers. So the movie starts with Gorr trekking through a lonely desert while him and his daughter slowly die of dehydration. His daughter dies first(Played by India Rose Hemsworth, Chris Hemsworth’s eldest daughter. That’s important for you to know because it’ll make everything make more sense later on.) and Gorr survives because he’s a grown man and alien of some kind who can survive without water for longer. He’s also played by Christian Bale, who has played stick-skinny and malnourished characters before. After burying his daughter, Gorr comes across a tropical oasis full of food and water. His God, who he had prayed to to save his daughter, is there waiting for him with a few weird CGI acolytes. When Gorr tells his God that everyone in his village is dead, the God is overjoyed and says “More sacrifices for me!” He basically spends a few minutes telling Gorr that his life and his daughter’s life don’t matter to him, and then mentions that he just killed someone with the Necrosword, an object uniquely qualified to kill Gods. The God then tries to kill Gorr, but the sword comes to his side and helps him kill his God. The sword also whispers something to him about a magical axe that will open a door at the center of the universe which will bring him to Eternity, a universal being who will grant him one wish. It’s all super ridiculous and convenient, but it didn’t bother me for some reason.
It’s unclear as to when that scene takes place, but then we catch up with Thor, who’s off with the Guardians. After saving a village of people whose Gods disappeared, Thor and the Guardians begin receiving hundreds of distress signals from across the galaxy that all mention some kind of God Butcher. One of those distress signals is from Sif, Thor’s old ally who was filming something else when they made Ragnarok, so Taika Waititi was unable to kill her off in addition to the Warriors Three for being too boring. She’s in this for maybe two minutes, and she lost an arm I guess. So then we’re reintroduced to Jane, which I’ll talk about in a bit, and then we return to New Asgard. Thor arrives in the middle of a battle between the New Asgardians and Gorr’s shadow monsters. Thor and Jane reunite and Thor fights Gorr for a bit. Then Gorr kidnaps every child that lives there, so he can lure Thor to him and Thor will give him Stormbreaker, the key to opening the door to Eternity.
So then Thor, Jane, Valkyrie and Korg go to Omnipotent City to get help from Zeus and the other Gods. But the Gods there are all awful and have contests to see how many of their followers they can get to sacrifice themselves in their names. Zeus refuses to help and so Thor steals Zeus’s lightning bolt and throws it through Zeus’s chest, presumably killing him in the process. The team tracks Gorr to a small planet in the shadow realm and fights him there for a bit. Valkyrie gets hurt and Gorr steals Stormbreaker as they portal back to New Asgard. Thor then goes to fight Gorr at the center of the universe without Valkyrie and Jane. Thor frees the kids and gives them all his powers temporarily, and there’s a scene of a bunch of little kids shooting lightning out of stuffed animals at shadowy spiders. Jane shows up and helps Thor defeat Gorr, dying in the process. Gorr makes his way into Eternity, but Thor convinces him to bring back his daughter instead of using his one wish to kill all the Gods. It is then revealed that Gorr is about to die because of the Necrosword, so he brings back his daughter and then asks Thor to take care of her. And the movie ends with Thor and Gorr’s daughter travelling the universe and saving people together. It’s pretty good! Also, I don’t know if I mentioned this, but Chris Hemsworth is jacked as Hell.

Jane’s Story
So Jane Foster has cancer. They reveal that in her first scene in this movie, when she conveniently happens to be seated next to a guy reading her book at chemotherapy. This is also my least favorite scene in the movie, because she tries to explain to him what she’s talking about in her book, and references Event Horizon and Interstellar as great movies that do a great job of explaining what she’s talking about. Which is a bald-faced lie. Interstellar is a boring movie that isn’t good and doesn’t make sense. They may have just added that line because Matt Damon is in Interstellar and Sam Neill is in Event Horizon and both of them cameo in this, which I will discuss later. But anyway, she has Stage 4 cancer and she’s getting worse and worse every day. She’s exhausted her search for some sort of cure or way to get better. She insists that she’s not going to go to Thor for magical help. But then she hears Mjolnir calling to her because Thor told it to always protect her. She goes to New Asgard and picks up the hammer, which makes her stronger again. But in the process the lightning and power of Mjolnir is also burning the chemotherapy out of her veins. After the penultimate battle with Gorr, Thor finally realizes this and forbids her from picking it up again, saying it’ll kill her if she does. But when Thor fights Gorr for the last time, Jane senses Thor is in trouble and picks Mjolnir up one last time. Before Jane dies and goes to Valhalla, her and Thor admit their love to each other and stop pushing each other away. It’s well done, their love story. I enjoyed her arc and wish she didn’t die, but I get the feeling she’ll be back.
Also, Darcy(Kat Dennings) is with her when she’s getting chemo in her first scene. I like that they had her show up and didn’t just forget those two were besties. I always thought those characters were great together. And then Jane goes back to her lab and watches a FaceTime or a video message or something from her old colleague Erik Selvig(Stellan Skarsgård). I like that he showed up too because I always liked that character and I love Stellan Skarsgård. But what I really love about him showing up is that he clearly filmed his lines in his own clothes at his house, and they probably paid him $1 million or something. Good for him. Anyway, Jane was a good character in this and kudos to Natalie Portman for getting super jacked.

New Asgard
One of the elements of this movie that I really loved is that New Asgard has turned into a tourist attraction. There’s flying Viking ship rides and you can go look at the shards of Thor’s hammer. There’s theater, performed by the Asgardian actors we saw reenacting Thor: The Dark World for Loki in Ragnarok. Matt Damon, Sam Neill and the third Hemsworth reprise their roles as Actor Loki, Actor Odin, and Actor Thor respectively. This time they’re performing Odin’s death scene in Ragnarok, and they’re joined as Melissa McCarthy, who’s playing Hela. This scene is really funny, but it would be even better if there had been a reveal that she’s not just Melissa McCarthy and she’s having a hard time getting work and decided to act in an Asgardian play. That would’ve been funny. There’s also a tour guide on staff named Darryl, who was in a series of short mockumentary films that Taika Waititi released called Team Thor, Team Thor Part Two, and Team Darryl. The first two are these ridiculous shorts about how Thor isn’t fighting in the Civil War because he’s moved in to a flat in New Zealand with a guy named Darryl. And in the third one Thor has left and the Grandmaster has moved in. They’re all very funny and it was nice to see him in this.
Probably the dumbest bit of this movie is when they reveal that Heimdall had a son who was kidnapped with the other Asgardian kids and conveniently has the same powers of talking to people from far away. There’s a horrible bit of CGI where his floating golden head just pops up out of nowhere. This is the character who changed his name to Axl. The kid himself is good in this, but it did feel a bit lazy for them to say “Oh, and Heimdall has a son who can do exactly what he did.”
I think that’s all I have to say about New Asgard. It’s an interesting new concept that I would love to see more. Oh, and Valkyrie does an Old Spice commercial at one point. That was funny.

Gorr’s Story
Gorr spends the whole movie trying to kill all the Gods because when he needed his God to save his daughter he was ignored. I’ll talk later about how this was handled better in the comics. But he doesn’t talk about his wife at all for some reason. And when he gets to Eternity to make his wish, the first thing he goes to say is “Kill all the Gods”. Thor has to remind him to choose love and bring his daughter back. That’s another problem I have with this movie. Why would that not come to his mind at all? If they were going for the blinded by revenge angle then it didn’t really translate well. And after he kills his highly annoying God he’s never shown killing another God on screen. Which is a bit weird because he’s the God Butcher. I have nothing else to say, I just assumed he would reveal his plan had always been to bring his daughter back. And I wish that had been the reveal. But I guess then it wouldn’t make sense for him to focus on killing Gods, he could just ask Thor to bring him to Eternity. So it’s fine, but they should’ve shown the blinded by revenge thing better.

Changes From The Comics
The whole thing about Jane getting cancer and getting sicker every time she picks up the hammer is ripped directly from the comics. I’m a little surprised that they decided to complete that whole arc in one movie, because that storyline happened over the course of several years in the comics. But they do love to condense storylines. When she has Mjolnir in the comics it isn’t broken, and she ends her time as Thor by breaking the hammer and giving herself a second chance at life. Then she finishes chemo and recovers. She’s also a nurse in the comics, not a physicist.
Jane didn’t face Gorr in the comics either. That happened right before she became Thor. In the comics Gorr loses his wife and daughter to war or famine or something and then the God that he prayed to falls to Earth and begs Gorr to save him. Then Gorr uses the God’s sword to kill him and spends centuries killing Gods. He fights Thor when he’s a young God, unable to lift Mjolnir. Then again when he’s at his prime and again when he’s ancient and about to die at the end of time. And the comic ends with all three versions of the character banding together to kill Gorr. Now, I did like this movie. But I wish they had done that. It’s a great storyline. Just do it for real. They should have done the Gorr storyline in this and reintroduced Jane and revealed that she had cancer. Her and Thor don’t meet throughout the movie and they occasionally cut to scenes of her searching for a cure. And then there’s a post-credit scene of her standing in front of the shattered Mjolnir while the music swells and lightning crackles in the sky. Then the next movie is the two of them as Thors. That’s what they should have done. And again. I liked what we got. My idea to adapt the pre-existing excellent writing is just better.

The Post-Credits Scenes
In the first post-credit scene it is revealed that Zeus is not dead and he is extremely angry with Thor. So he tells his son, Hercules(Played by Brett Goldstein from Ted Lasso) to track Thor down and make him pay for embarrassing him. That’s a great scene and I’m really looking forward to seeing Hercules.
The second post-credit scene shows us that Jane has arrived in Valhalla for dying a warrior’s death, and Idris Elba is waiting there so he can show her the terrible wig that’s been slapped on his head. She’s dead and cancer-free now, and I’m sure if there’s another movie she’ll find a way out of Valhalla and come back to life. People are always doing that in the comics.

The Lack of Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell, the great beloved character actor known for his roles in Burn Notice and the Evil Dead franchise, recently cameoed in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. As I discussed in my review of that movie, he was in it because Sam Raimi directed it, and Raimi also directed the Evil Dead movies and the three Spider-Man movies that Campbell cameoed in. Sam Raimi didn’t direct this, and I assumed that Bruce Campbell wouldn’t be in it. And he wasn’t. But I wish he was. Bruce Campbell is an incredibly funny and charming man, and he should cameo in every Marvel movie from now on. If they need someone to replace Stan Lee, this is the guy. So yeah. Get on that, Marvel.

What The Ending Means
They haven’t announced if there will be a Thor 5 or not. I wouldn’t be surprised if they make one so they can have a trilogy of Taika Waititi Thor movies. But he’s also busy with like ninety other projects. Although I think a lot of those went on hold so he could make this. We’ll see. The Hercules thing isn’t necessarily a tease for another movie. Though at the end they do say Thor will return. They could be referring to either Thor or Jane when they say that. But I wouldn’t be upset to see another movie that’s a bit more reigned in with less jokes and more practical effects. A lot of the problems from this movie arose because they filmed during Covid. And even if we don’t get a Thor sequel we will definitely see Hercules in something.

Before I Go
There are two noteworthy scenes I feel I should mention before I finish up. My favorite scene in the movie comes early on when Jane and Thor meet up in New Asgard. Korg takes us through a montage of their relationship and explains that both of them were afraid of commitment and as their lives got busier they pushed each other away. It’s a great sequence that I never thought I would see in a Marvel movie. At one point both of them are roller blading, and Jane is holding onto Thor while Thor holds on to Mjolnir, which is pulling them foreword. There’s another bit where they go to a party and Thor is wearing a hot dog costume. And then they have an argument where Thor complains about having to clean up dinner and Jane yells that he just has to wash two plates. It’s great and it does a really good job making us believe that these two really loved each other. Because we’ve seen two movies with them together previously, but they both take place over two days. So I liked this extra time taken to develop their relationship.
The other scene I wanted to mention happens right before Thor’s big Guardians fight scene. The Guardians go to Thor for help at the top of a hill where he’s meditating in a shawl. He’s been there for a while, because he planted Stormbreaker, which has thoroughly rooted into the ground. And when the Guardians ask him for help he rips Stormbreaker out of the ground, mounts it like a broom, and flies off. It’s ridiculous. Everything in this movie is ridiculous. That’s the moment that made me go “Oh, okay. Nothing in this movie will make sense and that’s okay.”

Overall Rating – 7.5/10(It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. I still liked it and there are a good amount of jokes in this that I love.)
Goldblum Rating – 0/10(They apparently had Jeff Goldblum come in and shoot some scenes. Why aren’t those scenes in this? You have Goldblum. Put him in the movie!!!)

I know I haven’t posted in a bit so hopefully this review is everything you were hoping for and more. I should be back on Friday with a new random thing but we’ll see. No promises.

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