Ruddtrospective #25: Paul Rudd’s Tiniest Adventure Yet

This is a big movie for me especially. I’ve been waiting for this for some time now. People have neglected Ant-Man as a character in the past but now he’s in a big epic movie and the reviews are not very positive. Did I like it though? Have I been blinded by my love of Paul Rudd or is this a good movie and people should shut up? You’ll get the answers to these questions and more, plus I’ll hold off on spoilers until halfway through like I always do.

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania stars PAUL RUDD, Jonathan Majors, Evangeline Lilly, Kathryn Newton, Michael Douglas, Michelle Pfeiffer, and Corey Stoll. It also features David Dastmalchian, Bill Murray, and William Jackson Harper. It was directed by Peyton Reed and written by Jeff Loveness.

General Non-Spoilery Thoughts –
Yeah, so let’s do it. It’s time to say what I thought about Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania. It’s time to review the movie. There’s absolutely nothing else for me to do in this exact moment except tell whoever is reading this about the movie. As I mentioned above, reviews overall haven’t been great? A lot of people have criticized this movie for leaning away from the small-time goofy fun of the first two movies and replacing it with a paper-thin sci-fi Star Wars-esque story that is pretty much all style and no substance. A lot of people have been saying this, including Mark Kermode, a movie reviewer that I have recently started watching. He hasn’t liked a lot of the recent Marvel movies though, so that’s not exactly an indicator of whether I would like it or not. I tried to go into this movie with an open mind, not thinking about the fact that this is meant to be the start of Marvel’s next phase, the beginning of the Kang story, and an onscreen interpretation of many characters I love, as well as my favorite actor’s next big movie. I tried to just let that all fade away, and I sat there next to my Dad with every intention of enjoying this based purely on what it was and not all the expectations I had. And now, in the cold light of day, I can confidently say that I just didn’t think it was very good.
There were a few times that I thought to myself during the first hour of the movie something along these lines:
“I didn’t think that joke was very funny.”
“They really aren’t giving Paul Rudd anything interesting to do in this, are they?”
“The CGI is really spotty.”
“I may not love this scene, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the movie won’t be good.”
And those thoughts just repeated over and over again. I turned to my Dad at about what I believed to be the one hour and fifteen minute mark of this two hour movie and said “I don’t think this movie is very good.” He said “Don’t worry, I bet it’s a slow burn, it’ll get better soon.” And I said “Dad there’s maybe forty minutes left and the movie hasn’t been interesting up to this point.”
So as I mentioned above, the screenplay was written by Jeff Loveness, and I assumed that meant this movie would have a great screenplay, because Jeff Loveness wrote a few very good episodes of Rick and Morty, including my favorite episode, “The Vat of Acid Episode”. After I watched the movie I checked his IMDb credits to see what else he’s done, and it turns out that he was also a staff writer on Jimmy Kimmel Live! for many years, which explains a whole lot for me at least, because I think that Jimmy Kimmel, and by extension his TV show, is annoying and not funny. And it just so happens that the screenplay for this movie is annoying, not funny, and overall just badly written in general, which is a real shame because I would have loved a good movie, and also he’s writing Avengers: The Kang Dynasty, which is really not a good sign at all. I’ll talk more about what it is specifically about this movie that didn’t work for me in spoilers, but the screenplay is really the main problem. I’ve never written a screenplay before, or read one, so I can’t for certain say that this is a bad screenplay, but I’m going to say it anyway. I am now actively hoping that more people complain about the screenplay and Marvel is forced to get someone else in, because the dialogue is just woeful and hard to listen to, and I really don’t want to watch another Marvel movie like this. I will say that if you haven’t seen this movie and you plan to, please don’t let my words affect your enjoyment of this movie. Like I said, I had lots of expectations about this movie and what it should have been, and also I’m just a whiny, overly critical weirdo in general. I didn’t like the movie but you might. Anyway, it’s plot time! Ugh.

Quick Plot Rundown –
Scott Lang is enjoying being a beloved celebrity that saved the world, hanging out with his girlfriend Hope Van Dyne(Even though they don’t really have any chemistry together and I keep forgetting they’re dating) and saying that he’s focusing on being a Dad even though he doesn’t seem to know anything about what his daughter has been up to recently. And suddenly all of this is uprooted when Cassie Lang sends a beacon to the Quantum Realm and accidentally gets herself, her father, Hope Van Dyne, Janet Van Dyne, and Hank Pym sucked into the Quantum Realm by a mysterious being that happens upon her signal. So they end up stuck in the Quantum Realm and they have to escape while also dealing with Kang, a mysterious and incredibly powerful despot that rules the Quantum Realm with an iron fist. That’s the plot. I think one of the other secondary villains is in most of the trailers? There’s also M.O.D.O.K. who is a giant mechanical head that flies around shooting lasers.

Characters –
Ant-Man AKA Scott Lang – Paul Rudd
At this point in Scott Lang’s narrative journey he has become a famous and beloved celebrity for saving everybody on Earth. He’s written a book about his journey called “Look Out For The Little Guy” which you can actually buy in real life. I will not be purchasing it because it was ghost-written by some random person. If they release an audiobook read by Paul Rudd I’ll get on that. Anyway everybody loves Paul Rudd now. And I like all of that, I like the idea that Baskin-Robbins are using an ex-con(That they hired and fired back in 2015) as an ad campaign. There’s an incredibly brief cameo from the great Randall Park, and he doesn’t say anything. That’s an atrocity, in my eyes. Those two bantering with each other is my favorite part of Ant-Man and the Wasp. I do like the idea that they actually ended up hanging out. I am disappointed that Paul Rudd wasn’t really given many jokes that I actually thought were that funny. I mean, he fully delivers every joke he makes. But I think the last two were funnier, and I think the primary reason this isn’t as funny(To me) is that he didn’t contribute to the script this time around. He helped write the last two. Because he knows how to make a movie funnier!!!

Kang the Conqueror – Jonathan Majors
Excellent. The best. I love Jonathan Majors, he’s a great actor. At the same time, while he was great and super physically imposing and badass, the writing, once again, was not that good for him either. There were a lot of generic “I’m a big bad villain man, see me roar” lines. And based on some of the scenes in this movie(No spoilers) Jonathan Majors has to wear some pretty silly CGI outfits and that’s definitely going to ramp up from here. I feel bad for him. But yeah, he’s so good and so much fun to watch. I really want to go see Creed 3. I yelled about this a whole bunch last year, but you should go watch The Harder They Fall on Netflix if you haven’t already. Fantastic movie.

The Wasp AKA Hope Van Dyne – Evangeline Lilly
They don’t really do anything at all with Hope’s character in this movie, so I don’t really have lots to say. Her haircut is stupid but it looked a little less terrible as the movie went on. It is not lost on me that her and Paul Rudd have the same haircut. He definitely wears it better. There is one thing I like, and it’s that she’s taken over her dad’s company. That’s an interesting wrinkle to add to that character who’d been waiting for her dad to acknowledge her and her intelligence for years and now she has that and a great relationship with her parents and her boyfriend, but nothing is done to develop her character. Even though that’s a great starting point! Her life is perfect, but is she worried she’ll lose that? Is she angry at Kang and Bill Murray’s characters for knowing her own mother better than she does? Who knows because these plotlines aren’t explored. Either Evangeline Lilly’s plotlines in this movie were diminished because she voiced unpopular opinions on a public platform or they just weren’t going to give her much to do in the first place even though the Wasp is in the title. Not sure. A lot of people have said “Take Wasp out of the title, she barely does anything in the movie”, which is fair, but I’d argue the other Wasp is given enough to do in this movie to make that title still work. And also, it doesn’t really matter what the movie is called to begin with because the subtitle is a made-up word.

Cassie Lang – Kathryn Newton
Kathryn Newton is the third actress that we’ve seen play Cassie Lang on the big screen, and I guess she did a pretty good job? I understand why they recast the last actress to play grown-up Cassie. She’s a lesser-known actress than Kathryn Newton, which was made clear a few seconds ago when I tried to think of the other actress’s name but could not. It’s Emma Fuhrmann. That’s her name. She was very good in the five minutes of screentime she got in Endgame, and I thought Newton was just very generic and straightforward and “Oh man I hate my Dad because he was gone for five years and I’m gonna give him shit because he’s not constantly protesting the patriarchy and shrinking cop cars like I am.” I probably would have cared more about her performance if I liked the movie more, but nothing against her. Good for her, being in a Marvel movie. She’s really good in Freaky, which is a super funny 2020 horror movie that I love.

The Wasp(Formerly known as) AKA Janet Van Dyne – Michelle Pfeiffer
Michelle Pfeiffer is a great actress and she’s very good in this. In this we discover that Janet has a history with Kang the Conqueror, which is very interesting. I don’t have much to say. Michelle Pfeiffer, good job in this movie. Congratulations on seemingly putting an effort into this performance even though most of the environments and people that you speak to or interact with in this movie were created and added in after you filmed your scenes. That’s all.

Ant-Man(Formerly known as) AKA Hank Pym – Michael Douglas
Michael Douglas is great. Again, he is also not given much to do in this because too much is going on but none of it is developed well. But most of Hank Pym’s lines are about ants and why he likes ants and I think that’s funny. Also there’s a bit where he has to control a ship by shoving his hands in weird goo? And there’s another character in this made out of goo that doesn’t pilot spaceships. So there’s different types of goo and ooze in this movie, and I’m just confused as to why so many things in this tiny realm look like jello.

Quaz(Weird Name) – William Jackson Harper
The great William Jackson Harper who played Chidi in The Good Place was wasted in this movie. They had him play some rebel soldier fighting against Kang that can read thoughts? I don’t know. I wish they’d given him a bigger role that actually has some significance in the comics.

Veb – David Dastmalchian
Rather than bring back Michael Peña and David Dastmalchian as Luis and Kurt, they neglected to bring Peña back at all and cast Dastmalchian as a weird pink gooey man that constantly talks about how he doesn’t have holes. I didn’t love this character, but I like David Dastmalchian. There’s a bit where Veb says to Paul Rudd “You’ve got seven holes” and Paul Rudd takes a pause to think about whether that number is correct or not and then nods. A classic improvisation.

M.O.D.O.K. AKA Darren Cross – Corey Stoll
So this is a weird one to talk about. I know that everyone who’s seen this is like “UGH LOOK AT M.O.D.O.K. HE’S SO GROSS AND UPSETTING AND HARD TO WATCH” which is a completely justified way to react to this character, but also that’s so clearly the point? Even if I didn’t know about this character already going into this, I’d still think they did okay with the design because the point is that M.O.D.O.K. is gross. I do have my own problems with this character, which I’ll get into later. But three good things about him that I enjoyed: this guy was the villain in the first one and every time someone sees his actual face under the helmet they yell “Darren?!” which I think is funny. There’s a bit where they lower his disfigured body into his new armor, and you get to see the weird tiny butt of a man with a giant head and tiny limbs. That’s pretty funny. And he keeps insisting that he’s the ultimate weapon, even though, like I said, he’s a giant head with tiny limbs that flies around in a floating throne thing.

Lord Krylar – Bill Murray
Bill Murray is in this for five minutes and he mostly just acts like a pervy creep and heavily implies that him and Michelle Pfeiffer used to hook up. So yeah. Great job, I guess? He didn’t need to be in this, and even though it’s cool seeing him and Michael Douglas onscreen together, I’m pretty sure they filmed their bits on separate days.

Score/Soundtrack –
The score for this movie was composed by Christophe Beck, who I haven’t really heard of before, but he’s very talented and prolific. He wrote the scores for the previous two Ant-Man films, WandaVision, and both Frozen movies. I don’t honestly remember this score. I feel like when I watched it I had something more to say, but I don’t remember it really. The song choice and mix they used in the trailer was great, but I don’t think they actually use that in this.

Cinematography –
The cinematographer on this film was Bill Pope, another incredibly talented man. He was the Director of Photography for The Matrix, Spider-Man 2, Baby Driver, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and, most importantly, Clueless. The cinematography in this is pretty good, I guess? Camera angles and shot composition kind of loses the visual edge for me when most of what’s in the shot is fake. There was one shot in this that didn’t really work for me. At one point Paul Rudd and his daughter are both giant-sized and they hug and Paul Rudd says “It’s like hugging Godzilla!” but the background of the shot is filled with tiny CGI buildings that don’t look realistic or have any sense of depth or size to them so it looks like two normal-sized people hugging. I don’t know that that’s a cinematography issue, though. Not sure.

It’s spoiler time for Ant-Man 3 so get on outta here if you haven’t seen the movie.

But also if you haven’t seen the movie and you don’t want to see it you can stay.

And even if you do want to see it, I can’t make you leave.

I just personally believe that if you are intending to see this movie, reading a half-baked underwhelming second-hand account of some of what happened and what jokes were and weren’t funny wouldn’t be very interesting, you know?

Watching Paul Rudd get big in the movie theater is probably way more fun than reading the words “Paul Rudd got big” on your phone when you’re going to the bathroom and you don’t have anything better to do.

Which isn’t to say that you should use your phone in the bathroom. That’s unsanitary.

I mean I do it a lot of the time, but I also sanitize my phone fairly regularly and also why are you coming at me like I’m doing something wrong? You’re the one reading this in the bathroom.

Of course you might not be in the bathroom and I’m just making an assumption, which makes me the bad guy.

Well there ya go. You try to do a nice thing and properly warn people before you start spoiling the movie you’re talking about and they turn on you almost instantly.

Let’s just do the review. Spoilers, everyone!

Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania Spoiler Review
Okay. Ugh. I’m sorry, I’m trying to remember the plot. So basically, Cassie gets her family sucked into the Quantum Realm and Kang needs Pym particles so he can shrink his ship core to a normal size and escape the Quantum Realm. The core was made all giant by Janet. Janet and Kang found each other while they were both stranded, many years ago, and tried to help each other escape. Eventually they fixed Kang’s ship or chair or whatever and Janet touched his chair and saw all the bad things Kang ever did and intended to do when he escaped, so she grew his core and destroyed his chair once again. He used the powers in his suit to conquer all over the Quantum Realm and start a new empire for himself, all the while trying to hunt Janet down again. Along the way he enlisted M.O.D.O.K. into his forces when Darren Cross arrived, disfigured and barely alive. He made Darren armor, which is when the audience is shown M.O.D.O.K.’s weird tiny butt. Once Scott & co arrive in the Quantum Realm Kang hunts them down, retrieving Scott and Cassie from the rebel camp they discovered, and attempting to apprehend Janet, Hope, and Hank with the assistance of Bill Murray, who gets eaten I think. Kang threatens Scott a bunch until Scott agrees to shrink the core so he can have more time with his daughter, which is a promise he way too eagerly accepts at face value. While trying to retrieve the core, Scott is hit with a probability storm, which basically means that any possible choice or decision Scott could make materializes as another Scott and another Scott until there are thousands of Scotts and some of them try to grow big and get turned into spaghetti. One of them is just a guy who works at Baskin-Robbins, which is a joke that doesn’t quite work with the set-up it had, but all power to them for trying. So Kang takes the core once it gets shrunk to normal size and leaves Scott, Hank and Hope for dead. Then Janet and Hope wreck shit within Kang’s fortress while Scott and Hope destroy stuff with the help of the rebels from earlier and some of Hank’s ants that fell through a time vortex on their way into the Quantum Realm and are now a species of centuries-old hyper-intelligent Socialist ants(Don’t ask?) and all of these forces together stop Kang. Also M.O.D.O.K. decides to not be a dick and tries to stop Kang, dying in the process. His death was annoying. The dialogue for that character was awful and they spoil his death in the soundtrack titles. Then Hank, Janet, Hope, and Cassie walk back through a portal to Earth that Cassie opened, while Scott has to beat Kang before he can make his escape. He doesn’t do great and Kang kicks the shit out of him, but Hope flies back in and kicks him into his own core, seemingly killing him in the process. And then Cassie opens the portal again and Hope and Scott go home. The movie ends with everyone happy and eating dinner, but Scott is starting to wonder if Kang was telling the truth when he said he was the only one who could stop what was coming. Did Scott doom all of existence? We’ll see, I guess.

What this means for Phase 5
I don’t really know what it means. I don’t honestly think they know what kind of story they plan to tell. I assume that Kang Dynasty will be a time travel movie, even though that’s what Endgame was. And I assume that Secret Wars will just be everyone that’s ever been in any Marvel movie(All iterations of Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four) fighting each other. I’d like them to do a bunch of different realities combined into one new patchwork reality. Those are always fun. But yeah, I assume it just means more Kang stuff. I’m not really excited. I don’t know. That’ll change the next time they release a trailer for something, don’t worry. I won’t be disillusioned for long.

The Post-Credits Scenes
The first post-credits scene is three different versions of Kang(Rama-Tut, Immortus, and someone else) talking about how “the exiled one” has been murdered by an Avenger and they’re angry about it. These three Jonathan Majors then walk into a giant stadium full of thousands of Jonathan Majors shouting for blood. So all the Kangs want to kill Ant-Man specifically? Heh.
The second post-credits scene shows another Jonathan Majors in an old-timey outfit speaking at an old-timey shindig to a bunch of people in frilly outfits. This Jonathan Majors goes by the name of Victor Timely, which is a reference to Timely Comics, the original name of Marvel Comics. In the audience for this old-timey shindig are Owen Wilson and Tom Hiddleston, who want you to remember that Loki season two is coming and Kang will probably be a big part of it.

Are critics justified in kicking the most recent cinematic Marvel output?
Yeah, I guess so, because not all of these movies have been great, but if everyone on the internet would just shut up about “MARVEL ISN’T AS GOOD AS IT USED TO BE”, “MARVEL IS TOO WOKE NOW AND I HATE BRIE LARSON”, “THESE MOVIES DON’T LOOK LIKE REAL MOVIES THEY LOOK BAD AND MARVEL IS FOR CHILDREN HOW DARE YOU MARVEL YOU’RE RUINING REAL CINEMA”. I’m sick of it. I deleted Twitter because I’m sick of having other people’s opinions screamed at me. When I read an opinion I disagree with, I don’t comment back. I wait until I have a chance to complain about it in a blog post that none of those idiots will ever read. God, I despise the internet. It’s the worst thing. I mean, every day, insane people are logging onto their computers, going to and ranting about all the crazy insane thoughts that come to mind. Also everything that Marvel has released in the last two years is infinitely better than Black Adam so shut up.

Does this fit with the rest of the Ant-Man movies/Is this a good and cohesive trilogy?
I don’t think it fits with the others. If I were to watch them all in a row I’m sure it wouldn’t feel like too weird a jump, but they really did just abandon everything interesting about the first two. I like the idea of throwing this character into the kind of movie that he doesn’t belong in, but actually use that and make it feel like the main characters are in danger and have no way of winning this. Because at the end they beat Kang kinda easily. I don’t know. No, it doesn’t fit with the other two. They’re not the best movies of all time, those first two. I like them a lot. The second one isn’t even that good a superhero movie. But it’s funny! And this is not.

Should there be another Ant-Man movie?
Yes, I think so. And also no, at the same time. Specifically because I think Paul Rudd deserves one really good Ant-Man that follows the tone of the first two and has fun action sequences and great jokes and looks like it was filmed in a real place. But I don’t think Marvel is capable of making that movie, and I don’t think there will be an Ant-Man 4 because they really fucked up with this one and it’s been majorly kicked, both financially and critically. So no, at the same time. I would like a sequel where he has to go up against a new copycat Ant-Man, who ends up being Eric O’Grady, the dirtbag Ant-Man from the comics. I think these two would be good counterpoints for each other. And you could get a comedic actor that has sort of a sleazy dirtbag vibe to play O’Grady, like Glenn Howerton from Always Sunny, or someone like that.

Is Paul Rudd still charming and lovable?
Yes, of course he is. How dare you question that?

What I would have done instead:
So, as I said above, I myself am not a screenwriter and Jeff Loveness is and deserves a lot of praise for what he did for Rick and Morty. This movie is far from terrible and I know I was being harsh, but he did a solid job and I feel bad for yelling at him. Also these movies are made by hundreds of people, so it’s equally likely that Kevin Feige or someone else at Marvel wrote this movie more than he did. This is my way of taking back my mean comments from above and recontextualizing them. Good job, Jeff Loveness. That being said, I’ve been thinking a lot about this movie and why it doesn’t work and I figured out what I would have done if I was for some reason writing this movie and I’d like to share it with you. It probably sounds pretentious that I think I could write a better movie than this one and I don’t think that, but this is the movie I would have liked to see. So, this is based off of something Paul Rudd had said about initially wanting the movie to be more small-scale like the first two and just have it be the Ant-Man family fighting M.O.D.O.K. and A.I.M. which is M.O.D.O.K.’s criminal organization/technological terrorist group. That’s great. Perfect start. So just like in the actual movie we got, Hope has taken over her father’s company and she’s trying to do good for the world with the technology at her disposal, with the help of her dad who’s consulting her and helping her run things. Janet has completely removed herself from the tech side of things and refuses to engage with it. She spends the whole movie being a fun mom, but Hope and Hank know there’s something she’s not saying, some PTSD bubbling below the surface, and when pressed about what happened she shuts down or gets very confrontational.
Scott is a celebrity because he saved the world, and he’s dealing with that spotlight, but it’s beginning to suffocate him, all this attention, and he’s just trying to run a security company with Michael Peña and David Dastmalchian, be a small-time superhero, and be a dad to his daughter and a boyfriend to Hope. Cassie is rebelling against her father because she wants to do sciency stuff and help people and be a superhero, but her dad has forbid her from doing any of that and he just wants her to be a normal kid and go to school. Her mom and step-dad are more supportive, but they insist that she needs to respect her father’s wishes and understand where he’s coming from. You could have a few fun action sequences of Scott stopping a simple robbery by shrinking and growing random things and then have sequences of him doing security work for Pym Enterprises. Then a mysterious terrorist group dressed in weird yellow beekeeper-esque outfits, led by a mysterious metal floating head guy with small-ish limbs, start stealing technology from Pym Enterprises and other various tech companies, and Scott fights a lot of these guys but they always seem to get the tech they need in the end. And there’s lots of wacky jokes between him and Michael Peña.
This new security company sprouts up about the same time, which is a subsidiary of Advanced Idea Mechanics, a rival company of Pym’s. This security company is clearly better than Scott’s, and they’re much better at guarding attacks from these beekeeper dudes. Partway through the movie they could discredit Scott by releasing footage of him heisting Advanced Idea Mechanics, prompting She-Hulk or Matt Murdock to show up and legally consult. They could be like “Even though they have no real way of proving that this was you or if the footage is authentic, the damage has been done. They have no legal proof that you were responsible, but the media and the public at large have condemned you because people just take things at face value even though they’re often false.” Something like that. So Scott and Hope’s lives are getting worse, things are bad. Then Cassie goes to intern at A.I.M. and do sciency stuff. When Scott tries to talk her out of it she yells at him for not being there and says he has no right to stop her from pursuing her dream. Scott can then have a heart-to-heart with his ex-wife and her husband about how he should be there for Cassie better, thus utilizing the great Judy Greer and Bobby Cannavale, who are in these movies.
Then Michael Peña discovers through the grapevine of criminals he still knows that A.I.M. and the security company and the beekeeper guys are one in the same and Cassie is in danger. He can reveal this through a long, badly told story, thus utilizing the great Michael Peña. At this point Hope will have had a falling out with her parents because her mom won’t tell her anything and her dad won’t do anything about it, but they all reunite to do a big A.I.M. heist and shut them down because they’ve kidnapped Cassie. When Scott finally finds Cassie it turns out she’s already freed herself with her suit she secretly made early on, finally proving to her dad that she can take care of herself. And then the final showdown is between the Ant-Family and M.O.D.O.K. who removes his faceplate to reveal he’s been Darren Cross this entire time. Also he could have a machine or ray that traps Scott in a prison of billions of different and equally probable hims, like in the movie, but he has to escape this prison instead of shrinking a weird engine thing that turns people into spaghetti. It turns out that when Janet was released from the Quantum Realm he managed to escape too and has been plotting his revenge for many years. Scott and Hope and Cassie stop him, but before they can arrest him or take him away he opens a portal to the quantum realm and reveals that he only escaped because he had help from a prisoner down there that also wants revenge. He grabs Janet and takes her back into the Quantum Realm and Hank jumps after them to save his wife, leaving Scott, Hope and Cassie devastated and with no real idea of where in the Quantum Realm they are or how to rescue them. Then M.O.D.O.K. brings Hank and Janet to his master, Kang the Conqueror, who says “Welcome back, Janet. I’ve been waiting a very long time to see you again.” And then in one of the next movies you do all of the stuff about Kang using Janet to escape again and set him up as the menacing big bad without defeating another version of him early on in a different movie.
I don’t know if that’s really better, but in my mind it is. It stays true to what these movies have been but is also a bigger part of the Marvel story, and covers the things they were trying to cover in this(Scott trying to be a better dad and learning to let Cassie be her own hero, Hope trying to reconnect with her mom even though she’s clearly traumatized, and all of them trying to find their place in this new ramshackle family.) but actually delves into those ideas and does character development instead of just briefly mentioning these ideas and then showing a moving house and a goo-man shooting people. You could call it Ant-Man and the Wasp: Family Matters and keep all the weird charm of Paul Rudd and the funny jokes of these people who shouldn’t be superheroes but are. I don’t know. I’m probably wrong, but I think that would have been better. Sorry this is so long.

Overall Rating – 6.5/10(Yeah, as I said, I was disappointed by this movie overall. So much more could have been done to make this a better movie, but again, I’m not a writer.)
Rudd Rating – 8/10(Paul Rudd is always great, I wish he had funnier things to do in this.)

Still getting back on track with posting, thanks for waiting on this one. I’m thinking of doing a review for Shazam! v Helen Mirren so stay tuned for that maybe happening. I’m also writing a post about something that most people probably couldn’t care less about, and you can anticipate the arrival of that as well.

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